You Don’t Get Calls – You Don’t Pay = No Risk

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Say you are a business owner and you are looking for more customers, you want to grow your business but you don’t want to break the bank with expensive and sometimes ineffective advertising. you need our leads.

So how does this phone call lead generation work?

Pay per call marketing is a performance based advertising model where the amount you pay is based on the amount of quality calls that you receive.

We use the Google as well as the Bing search engine to bring people looking for your service to you. We advertise on your behalf and use a call forwarding number to send their call to your telephone. All of this happens real time, so you don’t have to worry about the freshness of the lead or whether or not you are getting a pre-used lead. 

Pay Per Call. That’s right, you only pay when your phone rings. Unlike mainstream advertising methods you will never pay for clicks or views, you will only pay for real customers contacting you for an estimate or to schedule an appointment. You have nothing to worry about with our system, if you don’t get business you don’t pay.

Exclusive Lead Generation Services. We help you grow your business.

This is not automatic lead generation software. This is real, hands on labor where we spend our own money, energy and time pushing new customers to your phone.

We take the risk, we pay the bills. Your phone rings or you pay nothing.

The only time we get paid, is when you get results. So, you get inquiries or it costs you nothing.

Some of the benefits of our phone leads

  1. We capture them in real time as they call and send them straight to your phone so you don’t have to worry ever about stale leads.
  2. 100% Contact rate, meaning that if you don’t get contacted, you don’t get charged.
  3. Performance based.
  4. Leads Are Local to your area.
  5. Every single call is recorded and available to you and your staff, this ensures that your staff is constantly improving their phone technique and booking new clients at a good rate.
  6. We are able to send people looking for your services at point of call which means that they are readily looking for someone who will help them, all you and your staff need to do is turn them into a customer.
  7. You only pay for qualified leads, that means that if the call was a wrong number, wrong state/province or for any other reason did not require your service we wont charge you. Also calls under 30 seconds are not charged.

Pay Per Call Path

What If Your Business Is Already Using Online Services Like Ad-words?

Even if your business is already doing some form of local online advertising, local search volume is getting so large that multiple campaigns are needed to maximize your results. With just a few extra service calls each week, your business can dramatically improve its bottom line.


Where do you advertise my business?
Anywhere and everywhere! Google, Yahoo, Bing,, YellowPages, Gumtree, etc… 

How many calls will I receive?
This number heavily depends on your industry and service demand but most of the time it is affected by your budget.

Do you take the calls and then send them to me?
No, all calls are routed directly to your cell phone or landline in real time. Each customer will always speak with you and never know we exist.

How much does it cost to set up?
There is no set up fee. It is truly performance-based. 

What about missed, junk or repeat calls?
We do not charge for missed or junk calls or any calls that last less than 30 seconds without a call back.

Once you decide to use our service, a number of set leads will be agreed on, we will then send you the leads throughout the month as we acquire them until you reach your cap. We will inform you that you have reached your cap, and you can decide to stop for the month or carry on getting more leads.

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